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Welcome 2021......Good Bye corona

Most of us will not forget year 2020 in our life time.  CORONA /COVID 19 a small virus devastated the entire world.  Most powerfull man Mr. Donald Trump also lost his presidency.  Any way this pandemic taught many lessons to people.  Our parents use to tell us that health is wealth. Now health is mostly regained in India.  Most of the Asian countries could withstand the virus may be due to the internal resistance.  If we see America , where already 2.7 Lakh people succumbed to this virus.  India and the other developing countries have different problem. This  Virus made many countries GDP to shrink substantially. People have become poor.  Middle class the most affected .  Some how politicians and salaried /Government workers got some relief financially.  Businesses across board affected.  We say good bye to the most troublesome year 2020. 

We hope that vaccine is introduced as early as possible in 2021.  People may get jobs , let economic activity restart.  Large number of people are jobless, let people get the jobs. Get well soon INDIA.   With lot of hope we welcome year 2021. 

We wish all our suppliers  and channel partners a happy new year 2021. 

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