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Monsoon 2018

This time monsoon is on time.....happier times ahead as farmers cherish the monsoon with new crop preparations etc., all around temperatures settling down to low levels after a hot summer.  Picknick time for few, trecking time for monsoon arrivals in crocs and look alikes( rainy products…

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Back school 2018

Back to school  season  2018. All are eagerly awaiting for the school season 2018-19.  Business went through a churn in the past one year. Now with all those things being past , we are gearing up for the Scholl season of 2018-19.  This year 3 new school shoes launches we have planned , Windwalker in…

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Welcome festive season 2017

Most awaited season of the year 2017 arrived.  In the midst of the slowdown cries ,  GST after effects etc., we are hoping for better customer walk-ins to the stores. We have many new designs leather sandals and shoes for the season. New product introduction planned by li-ning, Prozone, jcube , Grip…

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Back to school 2017

Hi, Back to school campaign started for us.  Schools declaring results, issuing new books , uniforms and shoes. Many children will be moving for  holidays.  Children take care of your health as this year it is too hot outside. Take all precautions and be safe, don't give tension to your parents. All…

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Effects of Demonetisation

Demonetisation of Rs.500/1000 notes had very big effect on the life of many Indians.  Govt of India announced the demonetisation of  notes in denomination of Rs.500/1000 on 8th Nov 2016 Evening 8 o'clock. This move has disturbed the life of black money holders and also ordinary people who do not hav…

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Happy Dasara and Deepavali

After good rains now we welcome October....This year we have two major festivals in this month. First Dasara and then Deepavali.  We are eagerly waiting for the festive season to lift our business and also enthusiasm. e-commerce portals also gearing up for big push through heavy budget promo's and m…

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Mansoon arrived.......cheers for the farming community

Monsoon arrived in India. Good thing to happen. Farmers and all businesses are happy to see good growth in the farming sector. 

We at Invixo added a new brand for distribution. Li-ning , a well known big sports brand from China. Li-ning is official kit sponsor to Indian Olympic Assosiation. All …

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Happy New Year -2016 and Happy Holi -2016

New year 2016 , came  very fast, year 2015 was very hectic and passed off very fast( based on the feeling of  lot of crisis management) .  This new year also going on fast, as the market is going very slow in terms of demand for products. Every month is going to be more challenging and than the prev…

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Happy Dasara....major indian festivals ahead

Time ahead is good time....all major Indian festivals start with Dasara.  Let us get ready to welcome the great festival season 2015.  Bangalore weather also superb after the recent rains.  We have added our catalogue in Shop clues now our products are available in Flipkart, amazon, Snapd…

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Monsoon Mania......... welcome monsoon

Monsoon season ....we welcome rains as usual. Water  most essential for our living.  Country received the monsoons on time. We hope this year rains will bring cheer in the hearts of farmers. Let them grow good crops and flourish. If the farmer flourish , country will flourish. 

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Hi.....we are winding up 2014. 

Let us get ready and welcome the new year 2015.   We wish all our customers, suppliers and well wishers a Happy New year 2015.


Happy Navrathri - Dussera

Festive season once again..........Wish you a very happy Dussera - Navratri. 


We are all expecting Monsoon......good bye scorching heat. Welcome rain.

School season 2014

School Season 2015 started .   After parliamentary elections India got a new government.  We are expecting a revival of economy .  This should help us to do better business for this season. We have introduced TWIN brand school shoe in sports construction  and E-lyte brand school shoe in leather uppe…

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Best wishes for the Spring festival - Makara Sankranthi / pongal. It is the time when sun changes the direction of its orbit.  Temperatures will increase from now on ........festivities and marriages will start.  So the season for the Spring summer 2014 begins. 


HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014.......we had a very hectic and fruitfull  2013 .  It will be a  good year to remember.  Be it the new govt at Delhi, good monsoons , improved  electricity supply etc., We are heading towards another new year. As usual we are optimistic that business will be good in all the fields…

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Happy Dussera and Diwali

We were  experiencing slow down in the economy for the last few months.  We are heading towards the   festival phase now, next couple of months should be the game changer for the economy.  We all hope that with good monsoon and good crops all around , there will be improvement in rural economy and t…

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After the Summer Holidays School's in most part of India will re open by this month end. So Kids get ready ,  it is Back to school ................

We are also busy in promoting our SIERRA school shoes .  looking forward to a great season. 

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